GBC Advanced Routing is the most powerful Route Management Software on the market for route distribution. We began by designing our system specifically for the ice and bottled water industry so we were able to put in features other distribution companies only dream about. Our customers needs and desires have been key in the development of the functions available.

Function Included Description
Toll free support calls All customers are encouraged to use our toll free number.
Your logo on main screen Since our customers are just as important as we are, we proudly display your company logo on the main Welcome screen.
Email Statements Ask your customers for permission to send statements by email and save the cost of printing and mailing statements.
SMS Message to Driver When a customer calls in with an order, click a button and send the message to the driver’s phone.
Broadcast Messages by Email Use email to broadcast delivery reminders to customers, or any other marketing message you may have.
Credit card Validation Credit cards are validated as a credit card number and the issuer (Visa, Mastercard, etc) to help avoid typos and transpositions. It will not validate the owner of the credit card number but will warn you if it is not a valid number of the issuer.
Handheld Application No extra charge for the use of this module and a one time charge for each handheld license. The only extra expenditure is the actual handheld devices and printers.
 Handheld Routing  Optimize the route on the handheld any time during the route to include only remaining stops and additional call ins received.
Remote Access Access from remote locations or from the site.
Multi-Company Customer Support Separate databases for each company/branch; you can choose ‘All Companies’ to search and display the company/branch for each customer. Access the customer data without logging out of the current company/branch.
Company/Branch Summary Company summary includes total number of customers, total customers lost and acquired with drill down on detail by Area, Industry, Business Class, Credit Class, Method of Acquisition, Lost Reason, and Sales Rep.  See sales of the top products for specific time frames, along with average price, default price, average delivery per stop and average delivery per month.  Total sales, rentals, and number of no takes, call ins, returned funds, messages and distinct products are also listed.
Statement Masters Create Statement Masters for national accounts across multiple companies/branches.  When you have multiple companies/branches and they all sell to the same major customer a single statement can be generated that encompasses all companies/branches.
One-click Customer Summary Includes sales information, number of no takes, call-ins, messages, number of equipment at customer site and amounts billed (if any), work orders, route information, averages for top five products, and sales graphs.
Customer Quick Search Searches are automatically targeted toward active customers for quick access. Search by any customer field in the system.  Quickly find all customers belonging to a related group such as Master Customers and all locations.
Payments for Multiple Customers Have you ever received a check from a company that pays other companies (or the home account) even though they are not related? Send statements to the individual customers, but code them so that you can pay off invoices from many customers from one payment screen with one check number.
AR Message The AR Message allows you to enter a message from the Customer Support Screen which will ‘pop up’ when Accounts Receivable enters the customer number in the Payment Entry Screen. This allows Customer Support personnel to relay a message to the person entering payments, either as information only or to indicate some action should be taken.  AR Message also displays on the payment list screen for payments made by imports from other sources so specific customers can be handled individually after import.
Activity Calendar The Activity Calendar allows you to view a graphical calendar of deliveries, payments, no takes, call ins and future scheduled delivery days.
Future Delivery Calendar The Future Delivery Calendar allows you to view a graphical calendar of future delivery dates for any customer.  This calendar can be sent directly to the customer by email or merely used as a visual aid by your staff.
Analysis Charts Visualize your data with our Charting Module. A few simple clicks produce bar charts, line graphs, and pie charts. Include any date range and you can even things out with the Weighted Averages function. Even the most computer illiterate will be able to click and produce charts that will give a better understanding of the business.
Custom Reports Any special report you need can be created with the Custom Reports module. Create the report using easy point and click functions for both tables and columns, which can be saved for future use. Custom Reports even allows you to do cross tabs to analyze your data more easily.
Use Cust List Use Custom Reports to create a report from any data chosen. Once created you can use a feature called ‘Use Cust List’ to automatically bring you to the Customer Support Screen with the specified list so you can scroll through each customer. This is ideal for calling customers on routes before delivery or targeting a special promotion to a certain area.  Check the COMPLETED box on the list as you go, save the list, and when you come back you can pick up right where you left off.
Mailing Labels Expanded mailing label functions to include the ability to create mail merges for various label sizes and letters.  You can now print route cards, letters, or other documents that require a mail merge or document generated from the Customer Support Screen.  From the Label module, you can choose a standard Avery numbered label, or create your own size.
Scanned Documents You can drag and drop documents into FileStorage for easy access to contracts, copies of checks, correspondence, spreadsheets, or almost any type document you can think of.  Open File Explorer in Windows and drag the document in for File Storage.  You can add a reference number (contract or work order number, etc) and a reference date for information and retrieval purposes.  Just double click on the item to view it in the same manner you would any document.
Data Entry Features Easy access to most information from one Customer Support Screen. Unlimited number of telephone numbers for each customer. Customize views so you only see the data that you enter most of the time. Almost total access using a keyboard or a mouse Enter new data from a form, spreadsheet, or card view.
Route Management View all routes showing number of customers, dates, delivery day, description as well as handheld, driver and truck information. Graphically manipulate delivery dates for all routes, or just one route. Set up delivery cycles by any number of days from 1 to 100, weekly cycles (one, two, three, four week cycle), Fixed Monthly such as ‘every first Tuesday’ cycle Slide holidays to ease the burden of delivery during holidays. Move customers or groups of customers between routes with drag and drop; see routes next to each other and move customers from one to the other; re-sequence by dragging customers to the right spot. View on screen whether routes have been sent to the handhelds and received or whether tickets have been printed.
Customer Map Coordinates After entering a new customer you can click a button to send it to Mapping and get the latitude and longitude. Then click another button to ‘suggest’ a route which will list all routes with customers close to the new one. Send routes to Mapping to optimize the route and save gas. Send the entire route for one driver (all days) to visualize which customers are way out of the area and move them to a new route day.
Optimize Routes Create routes and send them to Mapping before you run the route.  GBC Advanced Routing takes only the current customers on the route, plus any Call Ins for that route and optimizes them in Mapping.
Manage Off Schedule Call Ins Enter and manage off schedule call ins directly from the Customer Support Screen or Route Management Screen. Get a call in history including a detail list in the Customer Support Screen. Assign the call in as incomplete, give it a driver number and delivery date and it automatically goes with the route. Instantly see all outstanding or completed call ins.
Work Orders Create/schedule work orders from the Customer Support screen.  From Route Management you can create and print those scheduled work orders by a range of dates.  Print or send to the handheld for service personnel.
Barcode Scanning Tag your equipment and inventory with barcodes. Assign standard quantities to pallets and racks and scan the barcode when loading the truck. Never enter another serial number incorrectly with barcode scanning.


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