GBC Routing is a comprehensive program specializing in route distribution. It has been in development since August 2002 and incorporates many of the features you are accustomed to using, as well as many features we have added as a result of our experience in the industry and feedback from our customers.

GBC Routing is licensed on an annual basis according to the number of active customers in each of your companies/databases. Your total cost of the program includes a set up fee, training, any data conversion costs, travel expenses and any specialized services you may require as needed (hardware, servers, handheld devices, etc.).

A renewal fee will be due on each anniversary of the program installation. The program will not allow you to continue using it after it has expired; however, your data will still be accessible through SQL Server.  If you decide to discontinue using GBC Routing, GBC will help you convert your data to the appropriate format if needed.

GBC Routing is set up with all modules available for your use. There is no extra charge for the use of handhelds or the addition of users on your system. Please note, there may be license fees per user for the server depending upon the operating system you will be using. As a user of GBC Routing, you are entitled to all upgrades and additional modules as implemented.

If you require customized programming GBC will evaluate the requirement and incorporate it into the program at no charge if it is a function that can be utilized by many. We will be happy to evaluate your needs as the situation arises and advise you of the cost if it is a feature that will only be used by your company.

We believe GBC Routing is the most cost effective solution on the market today, and continue enhancing the program on a regular basis.

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